Dernyn is one of the major continent in Tyrr, primarily known as the site of the Nightmare Tower, as well as the location of Varakol, the Last Crystal Dragon. It is home to 5 Nations, Duria, a mostly dwarven nation that has taken residence inside the now-stone body of Varakol, Vespar, the southern most nation ruled by Head of the Tyrrian Church Aroxial Fonteskal, Fensin, a seceded state of Vespar and home to the Knights of Blood ruled by Arlo Fensin, Argulz, also known as the Orcish Lands, and Veligradia, an island swarmed with Yuan-ti.

Additionally, there is The Tainted Lands, a land engulfed by the power of the Nightmare Tower.


Duria is a Dwarven Kingdom nested inside the stone body of Varakol, the Crystal Dragon. There are 4 cities. Durion is the capital, a large dwarven city that is comparatively advance (although still certainly medieval) set inside Varakol's mouth. Valenifor is primarily a forging city known for magic weapons. Magic weapons made in Valenifor are always stronger due to drawing on the natural crystal architecture in the stone around, as Valenifor lies near Varakol's heart. Forillion is situated underneath the hindquarters of Varakol, and has been used as a way to watch over the Tainted Lands. Nurax is the final city belonging to Duria, and is a floating city used as a Neutral meeting point between 


Vespar is a theocracy ruled by Pontiff Aroxial Fonteskal, Head of the Tyrrian Church.


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