Uchel is one of the continents of Tyrr, known formerly for the World Gate but now known for the colorless fog that engulfs the land. The primary nations in Uchel are the Federation of Uchelian Cities (FUC), Crim, Revasbir, Ekli'badik, and Wesor.

Other notable things about Uchel is the Agrithan Mountains, a large frigid mountain range housing a small but still sizable Yeti population. Additionally, Boleta Palace, the location of the World Gate and source of the Fog Beasts, still stands. Shadow's Roost sits in the west, a lone mountain home to the Byark Swarm.

The Nations of Uchel

Federation of Uchelian Cities

The Federation of Uchelian Cities (FUC) is a geographically large but sparsely populated coalition of cities in the northern half of Uchel. Mori is the largest and serves as the Capital although the FUC does not have an official capital. The next largest cities are Bellion, a poor crossroads that serves as a safe haven from the Fog below, and Varilla, which is used as a hunting outpost to feed the Yeti as a part of the FUC's deal with them.

O'ralk, Shani, and Zamor are also nestled in the Agrithan mountains, the former being a sea port to procure outside help and the latter two used as way points for the Yeti travel. Maril, Tasdamesh, Firin, and Durach are all fishing villages on the far shore from the Agrithan mountains, with the latter having a small island offshore used to grow what little crops the FUC does.


Crim is the the name of both the city and "country" ruled by Lork Arkturis Montrinal, the Vampire Supreme. The normal races are treated as a cross between slaves and delicacies, primarity in at the Market Sanguaris.


Revasbir is a geographically large but sparsely populated Dark Elvish society, its capital being Gariendel. Peiron sits on Roost River, overseeing Shadow's Roost. Oasis lays in the Varali Forest bordering the Shile Pit. Woadlin sits on Lake Monoil. Sickle also sits on the Sickle River, which divides Revasbir and Crim.




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