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Tyrr (Fuck off)

Tyrr (known to some as the Shattered Isles) is a one of many Worlds in the Multiverse, and is central to the Shattered Isles setting. Born from the Ancients and origin of the Deities of Tyrr, it is inhabited by many Races, and is notably diverse and varied in cultures as well as geography.


See Creation of Tyrr.


Tyrr has 7 Major Landmasses:

  • Mawr, the largest and most populous landmass, and home to the Great Tree.
  • Nidwyr, an Archipelago renown for the many dangerous creatures that inhabit it.
  • Fiana, a small island republic off the Northern coast of Nidwyr.
  • Dernyn, the former site to the Nightmare Tower.
  • Uchel, a land shrouded in a terrible colorless fog.
  • Aswyr, a mostly unexplored land where magic runs wild.
  • Talsyth, a land currently torn in a civil war.

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